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Set of 2 Items Triangle Large set OIL Wood Color

Set of 2 Items Triangle Large set OIL Wood Color

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The Pikler triangle is inspired by Montessori pedagogy. It is a physical activity that brings many benefits.

💕Children are in a continuous evolution and it is important for them to learn from a young age how to use their body, in order to gain experience. The activities that the pikler triangle offers are multiple and fun, breaking the monotony every time in a free and beautiful way. The fact that our children exercise, so important for physical and mental health, they actually test their limits, always exceeding them. This wonderful set helps develop their dexterity, balance, fear, strength and self-confidence.

Being made in stages, the pikler triangle can be used by children starting at any age from 2 to 7 years. Thus, they gradually test and exceed their limits, gaining experience and confidence. The climbing ramp is reversible, turning into a slide at the same time. The fact that I can easily climb the ramp, thanks to the non-slip balls, is a sure way to satisfy the child's need to look for "dangers". Building their own routes, climbing, descending, climbing, assuming, concentrating and repeating with joy countless times, the pikler triangle is a natural way to consume the energy of the little ones. Together with other wooden children's products, such as: the rocking chair or the balance board, the pikler triangle will create a real play space of its own.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The fact that it folds makes it small and easy to store.

⚠️ Never leave your children unattended!!!
💚 Learn to crawl, stand, walk and have fun with Farnora Decor!


💚 Triangle
Height 81 cm/ 32 in
Width 87,5 cm/ 34,4 in
Length steps 80 cm/ 31,5 in

💚 Ramp
Height 99 cm/ 38,78 in
Width 38 cm/ 15 in

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Set of 2 Items Triangle Large set OIL Wood Color

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